Artist/Director: Barbara Drucker
Title: Bread and Death: Life in a Greek Village
Country of Origin: Filmed in Greece, edited in Los Angeles
Original Language: Greek
English Subtitles: No
Year of Completion: 2009
Running Time: 27:16
Category: Documentary


Bread and Death explores the rites and rituals that continually weave throughout Greek village life, focusing mainly on those dealing with food preparation and death. From bread-making to burials, Barbara Drucker’s documentary intuitively and intensely tracks and records the multi-layered aspects of traditional rural life. The project is influenced by Drucker’s personal experiences in Greece, returning to the same village in Samos over the past 25 years and recording the daily lives of the inhabitants. It is also informed by her ongoing research into the relationship between art and psychology, the history of food, religion, and culture.


Time, loss, and memory comprise the ongoing content of Drucker’s ouevre. In Bread and Death, Drucker observes and records the potent mix of embodied experience simultaneously running through the lives of a specific group of people, marking experiences as intimate as daily cooking traditions and as profound as the rituals of death.